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Update: Lien’s Mandu

Lien tested my mandu recipe over the weekend and wanted me to point out a few things to everyone.

My Mandu
  1. I should mention that when you buy the garlic chives, please trim the woody end of the chives off. You won’t be using it. I neglected to add this to the recipe, and Lien included the woody stem in her mandu mixture. It was not the end of the world, and the mandu (according to Lien) tasted fine.

  2. Be sure to lightly oil your steamer if using a metal one, or the mandu will stick to the steamer.

  3. If using more tofu, less meat and no kimchi (as Lien did) - season accordingly. You’ll need to adjust your seasoning, or your mandu will be bland. Lien didn’t add the kimchi because she was concerned could be too spicy for her son; she plans to add it next time.

  4. Shitake mushrooms can be expensive fresh. You can use dried and rehydrate, or use any mushroom you can find.

Lien’s mandu process started Saturday night, with the shop and then vegetable preparation. I joined her on FaceTime for part of it; however, it was late for me due to the time difference.

Midnight FaceTime Call with Lien

Sunday was cooking and adding the noodles, seasoning and then wrapping the mandu. We FaceTime while she was wrapping her mandu. During this time, I was testing a carrot cake recipe for the blog.

Lien wrapping her mandu:

For her first time making mandu, she did a fantastic job, and I’m super impressed. Lien wants everyone to know (our small amount of readers and followers) that it took her two days due to her inexperience, and because of that, she will need to recover before she can try another recipe. She’s asking for a couple of weeks🤣. I reminded her that if she takes too much time off, she won’t be able to catch up.

I’ve included some pictures of Lien’s finished mandu! Great job, Lien!

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