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Update: Lien made the Karaage

My deep fried and air fryer karaage

Hi Everyone! Lien made the Karaage over the weekend. Here are a few tips and comments that she wants you to know:

Lien's air fryer karaage! They look so good :)
  • She used chicken breast instead of thighs, and the karaage dried out faster (she also overcooked the first batch). Lien will use thighs next time!

Lien showing her overcook first batch of karaage
  • Remember to shake off any excess flour mixture before you spray with oil and before the air fryer.

  • She did not have sake, so she used cooking sherry, and that worked just fine!

  • The karaage was super easy to make, and it was super delicious. She suggests that you make it at home as well.

Kai gave lien a “thumbs up”! He enjoyed the karaage.

Kai the critic. Thumbs up is a huge win :)

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