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Amazing Home Cooks!

Last week, we posted recipes for pancakes from around the world. I mean, it was 4 pancake recipes; obviously, some there are more recipes and different cultures have their version of pancakes.

My sister Lien and my eldest sister Lyanna, made and sent me pictures of their pancakes. Cindy and Petra, who both made the Ginger Carrot cake also made some pancakes to share with us. Cindy made two pancake recipes, and Petra made the bánh xèo recipe! I’m excited to share with everyone their photos!

Lien's Okonomiyaki:

Tip from Lien on the Okonomiyaki

  • If you don’t want to buy a whole cabbage, you can ask your grocery store to cut it in half or quarters. Most of the time, they will say yes!

  • Cut your chives smaller if your kids don’t like green veggies

  • Lien used shrimp and spicy squid for her protein; she also found a premix Okonomiyaki flour. It worked great. If you find some, use it. It's the same thing and less work.

  • Lien did not use the lid trick but will next time. Using the lid trick ensures your protein is cooked and the vegetable steam.

My sister Lyanna made the Haemul Pajeon 해물파전. As an experienced home cook, she didn’t have any issues.

Lyanna's Korean Seafood Pancake:

Cindy made the bánh xèo and okonomiyaki. Cindy has made Hiroshima style okonomiyaki and in the past, and this was her first time making Osaka style! Petra also made bánh xèo but didn’t get any photos.

Cindy's bánh xèo and Osaka style okonomiyaki:

I love all the photos and messages about the recipes. Keep cooking, and don’t forget to send me your pictures to share.



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